2-Spieler Einsteiger-Paket 2022 (englisch)

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Looking to learn some Magic?

Everything you need to play your first game of Magic: The Gathering is right here. Gear up for Magic with two 60-card decks (each with five rare cards!) and a code for you and a friend to receive them in MTG Arena. The interactive online tutorial will take you through all the basics and you'll be ready to battle in no time!

  • Two ready-to-play 60-card decks
  • Two deck boxes
  • A Magic play guide
  • A code to unlock both decks in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Language: english.


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2-Spieler Einsteiger-Paket 2022 (deutsch) 2-Spieler Einsteiger-Paket 2022 (deutsch)
10,00 € *
Dragon Shield Matte - Black (100) Dragon Shield Matte - Black (100)
11,00 € *
Dragon Shield Matte - Clear Red (100) Dragon Shield Matte - Clear Red (100)
11,00 € *
Return to Earth Boulder 100+ Blau Return to Earth Boulder 100+ Blau
10,00 € *
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