Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

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A survivor trapped in Raccoon City, you must fight to live through the nightmare and make your escape.

In a series of nail-biting scenarios, you'll explore iconic locations like the Raccoon City Police Department and Saint Michael's Clock Tower, searching for parts to repair the cable car that will see you to safety - all while managing your precious ressources and keeping Zombie Dogs, Drain Deimos, and other monsters at bay.

This is a cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players. You'll need to work together to survive the horror. Unless you're brave enough to go it alone in solo mode...

Play as Jill, Carlos, Mikhail, or Nikolai, each with unique special rules. Explore the city as an open world, searching for clues and items and discovering new scenarios and locations. Make meaningful choices that define your enemies, affect your objectives, and can even change the course of your campaign. Or, play each scenario as a terrifying one-shot.

Every decision counts. The city danger level is rising. And Nemesis is never far behind...

1-4 players | age 14+ | 90-120 minutes | english

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